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LoKreative IT Technology is one of the Nigeria leading IT consulting company, one which combines classic management consulting with outstanding technological expertise. This approach of thinking in terms of these two areas simultaneously will determine the future performance of every company.
Our business is consulting; our strengths are digital technologies and networks. For more than 10 years, we have been in telecommunications, Information Technologies service provider around the globe. Moreover, we offer our clients solutions in all fields of classic corporate consulting: strategy, organization, processes, and HR management. Digital technologies are in our world no longer the vicarious agents for the business side; IT is becoming the core of products, business models, and processes.
Broadband networks create the fundamental platform for a networked world. The consultants at LoKreative IT Technology help their clients to rethink business models, to digitalize procedures and processes, to network customers with companies, and to build the platforms for customers, companies, and products. Our unique selling proposition is the combination of technological expertise, business know-how, and transformation experience acquired by our consultants during more than 100 successful projects in Nigeria and abroad, from Ghana to Senegal. We understand the processes and business models of our clients and know how they can exploit technology to gain a decisive and sustained lead over their competition. We build the bridge between the business and the ICT perspectives. These are the skills which enable us to guide our clients through digital transformation.
Our Culture
Our culture as a company has always been to encourage and empower Smart Creatives, we encourage our people to think outside the box by putting them in an environment where they can thrive at scale. We make everyone know that they can make a difference, because we know that innovation can't be owned or ordained, but it can be allowed. You cannot tell innovative people to be innovative, but you can let them!
Our Mission
Our mission as a company is to,
- Be the brand that inspires innovation, creativity, passion, fun and optimism.
- shape a broader strategic response to cyber risk by helping you understand your current capability and putting in place a plan to target cyber security investment in the right places.
- Competency, Confidentiality Reliability and Integratity in the area of Information Security
- Quick respond to actual cyber incidents.
- Advise on the legal issues surrounding breaches, data privacy and protection.
- Be highly effective and fast-moving organization.
- Provide opportunities for growth and development to our employees, business partners and communities in which we operate.
- To make technical contributions for the advancement and welfare of humanity.
- Building an organization where every member of staff feels that they are part of the family and team, understanding the company's vision and mission and contributing effectively.
Our vision is to be the leading software provider in the world by providing secure, reliable, affordable easy-to-use user friendly software solutions for small, medium and large scale business enterprises.
Our driving values includes:
- Cpmpetency
- Integrity
- Eventuality
Our Services
- Network And General Information Security Auditing
- Web Applications
- Mobile Application Development
- Management Information System
- IT Consulting & Support